Microchip 24LC64-I/SN, 64kbit Serial EEPROM Memory, 900ns 8-Pin SOIC I2C

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24AA64/24FC64/24LC64 I²C™ Serial EEPROM

Microchip’s 24AA64/24FC64/24LC64 family of devices are 64 Kbit I²C™ Serial EEPROMs available in a variety of package, temperature and power supply variants.


Single-Supply with operation down to 1.7V for 24AA64/24FC64 devices, 2.5V for 24LC64 devices
Low-Power CMOS Technology: Maximum Active Current 3 mA, Maximum Standby Current 1μA
2-Wire Serial Interface, I2C™ compatible
Packages with 3 Address Pins are Cascadable up to 8 Devices
Schmitt Trigger Inputs for Noise Suppression
Output Slope Control to Eliminate Ground Bounce
100 kHz and 400 kHz Clock Compatibility
1 MHz Clock for 24FC64 models
Page Write Time 5 ms (maximum)
Self-timed Erase/Write Cycle
32-Byte Page Write Buffer
Hardware Write-Protect
ESD Protection >4,000V
More than 1 Million Erase/Write Cycles
Data Retention >200 Years

EEPROM Serial Access - Microchip

Memory Size64kbit
Interface TypeI2C
Package TypeSOIC
Mounting TypeSurface Mount
Pin Count8
Organisation8K x 8 bit
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage2.5 V
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage5.5 V
Programming Voltage2.5 → 5.5V
Dimensions4.9 x 3.9 x 1.25mm
Minimum Operating Temperature-40 °C
Data Retention200yr
Maximum Random Access Time900ns
Maximum Operating Temperature+85 °C

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  • Ürün Kodu: 24LC64-I-SN
  • Depo Yeri : D128
  • Stok Durumu: 1

Etiketler: 24LC64-I/SN